Rezum- Hot Water Vapor Treatment

Hot Water Vapor Treatment

Rezum, one of the latest technological methods used in benign prostate growth (BPH), is a process of vaporization of prostate tis-sue using hot water vapor generated by radiofrequency energy. This minimally invasive procedure using water vapor therapy has been shown to significantly reduce BPH symptoms. In late 2015, the FDA approved the use of Rezum in the treatment of BPH.

What is Rezum Surgery?

It is a technique that allows the prostate to shrink by giving hot wa-ter steam to the prostate lobes. It is performed by closed endoscopic method. A significant reduction in the prostate is observed within 4-12 weeks after the surgery.

How is Rezum Surgery Performed?

General anesthesia can be performed with spinal anesthesia or local anesthesia. It is advanced through the penis by entering through the external urinary canal with a thin instrument with a camera at the end. After the external urinary canal, which we call the bladder and urethra, is examined, the length of the prostate that closes the uri-nary tract is measured. Small needles at the end of this instrument are immersed in enlarged prostate tissue and hot water vapor is giv-en. The amount of needle inserted into the prostate lobes varies de-pending on the size of the prostate. Several needles are applied ac-cording to the size of the prostate gland. Hot water vapour is given for 9 seconds during each needle insertion process. The procedure is completed in an average of 10-15 minutes depending on the prostate size. The hot water vapor delivered to the prostate through the needles destroys the prostate tissue over time and shrinks. Thus, an opening in the urinary tract is obtained.

Who are the Patients Suitable for Rezum Surgery?

It is a method that can be applied to prostates of all sizes from all age groups. It is especially recommended in prostates under 80-100 gr. The most important advantage compared to other prostate sur-gery methods is that it can be performed without anesthesia. Its im-plementation under local anesthesia is a very effective and reliable method especially for patients with serious health problems that are too serious to undergo surgery in the advanced age group and who use drugs such as blood thinners. Since it cannot receive anesthesia, it can be safely applied to patients who live with catheters. Another advantage of this method is that retrograde ejaculation (back ejacu-lation), which occurs after known prostate surgeries, is never seen or is very rarely likely to occur. It is a solution especially for pa-tients who care about ejaculation. Hot water vapor treatment can be applied in the treatment of patients with prostate symptoms at any age.

What is the Hospitalization and Process After Rezum Surgery?

Patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day or one day later. It is a daily surgery, especially because it can be applied locally, and does not require hospitalization. Patients can eat im-mediately after surgery if they have received local anesthesia, and if they have received general or spinal anesthesia, the meal starts after 4 hours. The patient can walk after 6 hours. The catheter is dis-charged.

How Many Days Does the Catheter Stay After Rezum Surgery - What Is It Like to Return to Social Life?

The duration of postoperative catheterization varies depending on the size of the prostate. It stays in the catheter for 1 day for roughly every 10 g of prostate tissue. It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water after the catheter is removed. In addition, foods and drinks that will cause irritation in the urinary tract are regulated un-der the control of a dietitian. One week after the surgery, normal life can be restored. Prolonged sitting travel and exposure to cold for the first month are not recommended. Heavy physical activities and sports should not be done. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatments are continued for one week following the discharge pre-scription. As the prostate lobes shrink over time, urination com-plaints will decrease.

What is the Effect of Rezum Surgery on Sexual Func-tions?

The most important advantage is that the semen seen after classical prostate surgeries goes backwards (retrograde ejaculation) is not seen in Rezum surgery. It has no negative effect on erection.

When Does the Effect Start After Rezum Surgery?

Symptoms regress in a period of 2-3 weeks in most patients after surgery. However, maximum benefit and response to treatment are achieved within an average of 3 months.

Is Prostate Surgery Required Again After Rezum Surgery, What are the Results?

In the study with the longest follow-up period in the literature, the 5-year treatment recurrence rate was reported to be only 4.4%. This rate is lower than other similar methods.

Should Prostate Controls Continue After Rezum Surgery?

After all benign prostate enlargement (BPH) surgeries, patients should be followed up with PSA for possible prostate cancer.

Are There Complications and Side Effects of Rezum Surgery?

Frequent urination, burning of urine, and light blood may occur temporarily after the surgery, which can be seen in other BPH sur-geries. These symptoms are temporary.